Albums Available

There are two albums available.  Details of how to buy them are provided at the bottom of the page.

Role Call

Released in November 2022, the 14 tracks (7 each of traditional and self-penned) all relate in some way to a role or profession. The CD has an accompanying 8 page booklet giving background information about each song.  The lyrics to all of the songs will be  posted on the website shortly.


The inside of the CD sleeve (far left image) includes a list of some Victorian roles and trades very few of which any longer exist. There are, quite literally, hundreds more that are not included here.

    Role Call Track List

Lincs to Land and Sea



This album features a collection of two traditional songs, four  poems by  Henry Winn set to music, and six self-penned songs, All the songs have a common theme – they are all about local people, events and the beauty of the countryside.  The album comes with a 12 page booklet with the lyrics and background information about the songs.

Henry Winn (1816-1914) was a writer and poet who wrote about the social and economic changes that happened to everyday villager during the Victorian and Edwardian eras.  10% of all sales of the CD go to the Winn Legacy Project.  Jan and Paul are involved in a collaborative project with  Jean Shaftoe, author and expert on Henry Winn.  They are available for a concert of songs, readings and information about village life during Victorian and Edwardian times.

Please go to the Henry Winn page to find out more details about him.

Both albums, with accompanying booklets, are available to purchase for £10 each (US$15, €14.50, ₪52), including p&p. Alternatively both albums can be purchased for the reduced rate of £18 (US$27, €26, ₪88) including p&p.

To buy either or both CDs please send your paypal payment to, or use the contact form if you wish to buy using a different method. 

If you are wanting to buy just the one album then please be sure to indicate which it is you want.