Some Song Examples

Song of the Blacksmith
Before the mid 19th Century and industrialisation, the blacksmith’s standing in the community was substantial. As explained in the poem written from the perspective of the wife, the blacksmith was a highly skilled and independent artisan who often undertook other diverse roles in the community ranging from dentist to veterinary surgeon, to undertaker and even doctor. 

The words are by Henry Winn. This song is from the album ‘Lincs to Land and Sea’ which is available from 'Albums'.

Piper to the End 
This is a Celtic folk song written by Mark Knopfler, the lead singer and songwriter of Dire Straits. The song is about Knopfler's uncle Freddie who was a piper of the 1st Battalion, Tyneside Scottish, the Black Watch, Royal Highland Regiment. Freddie carried his pipes into action in World War II and was killed with fellow fighters at Ficheux, near Arras in the north of France in May 1940. He was just 20 years old.

Amy Beechey 
Amy was from Friesthorpe in Lincolnshire she successfully brought up 14 children, virtually by herself as her husband was ill and died young. All eight of her sons, all of whom had professions served in WWI, and five were killed.  Amy also never saw a sixth son who was marooned in Australia because of a war wound. In 2001 the story came to light and letters from her sons were rediscovered. This song is from the album ‘Lincs to Land and Sea’ which is available from 'Albums'.

Mary Hamilton
Believed to be a 16th century ballad based on at fictional incident about a lady in waiting for a Queen of Scotland. However, it may relate to a lady in waiting to Tsarina Catherine who was the daughter of an expatriate branch of the Clan Hamilton, and Tsar Peter’s mistress. She bore a child in 1717, possibly fathered by the Tsar and drowned the baby shortly after its birth. For this crime she was beheaded in 1719. Whatever its origins, it is a lyrical lament in which Mary Hamilton makes a farewell speech prior to being executed. This song is from the album ‘Role Call' which is available from 'Albums'.